All we know, based on more than 30 years of wine travel, where we have visited over 2000 wineries, produced 700+ videos and documentaries about vineyards and winemakers, has brought us here.

Harnessing our unceasing dedication to wine and food pairing has led us to create the most entertaining, informative, experiential, sensorial, cultural and unexpected Wine Course.

Our goal is to immerse you in an innovative, primordial and simple way to learn how to taste, appreciate and sense wine.

The lessons will be led a team of expert sommeliers from the wine temples Rimessa Roscioli in Rome and and Niche Niche in NYC.

Everyone is welcome as these sessions have been created for novices and experts alike.

During each lesson we’ll:

present three wines paired with three foods
talk about the geolocalisation, history and background of the wine regions
discuss the vineyards and terroirs from where your wines come from

Every lesson will stand alone, meaning you don’t need to attend all of them if you can’t (although we’d like you to!) and will feature wines not readily available on the market – where possible, we will offer these for sale for those wanting to continue the lesson at home!

In addition to wine we’ll also be talking and sharing our expertise about EVOO and balsamic vinegar, plus inviting inviting you to more adhoc tastings with winemakers at least once per month.


Because wine without a story to tell is just a fruit juice with alcohol.

Join us each weekend and we promise…

…after a month of lessons we’ll guarantee you’ll be able to brag and be snobbish with your friends.

…after 2 months we’ll promise you’ll get completely confused on the purpose of studying wine.

….after 3 months you’ll understand that it’s not about the amount of information you have but the pleasure of endless and unique experiences.

…if you make it to 6 months we guarantee you’ll start to be more creative, sensitive, friendly, happy and environmentally balanced.

…that if you study with us for a full year you’ll be able to see the entire picture, the vision of how everything is connected, that is not about the label, the plant, the grape variety, the people, the land, the climate, the soil, the rating, the history, but all these together magically blended together from your glass of wine.

$75 single lesson (20 guests maximum)


Just one of the many benefits of being a member! If you are a Wine Club 1 member you can attend one free lesson per month, Wine Club 2 subscribers can join two, and for those on Collector and Legend level memberships need never pay anything.



Monday – Saturday:
Deli/Grocery Shop 11:00AM – 3:30PM
Restaurant 5:00PM – 10:00 PM

Deli/Grocery Shop 11:00AM – 6:00PM


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