These cherry tomatoes are a flagship product of the “De carlo” company. Left to dry in the Puglian sun on frames to concentrate all their flavor, they are then potted in extra virgin olive oil produced by the same company to best preserve the organoleptic properties. Born to delight even the most demanding palates, those semi-dried cherry tomatoes, better known as “Sun Kissed” tomatoes, are the result of sun-drying the best quality cherry tomato. The sun, the scents, and the flavors of a wonderful land are all contained in this jar.


De Carlo


1 kg


Bitritto, Puglia


This is our most-liked product so far, and we are crazy for it too! Try the tomatoes on top of a fresh burrata or mozzarella, on a bruschetta or in a salad, even on top of your basil pesto pasta!