“Fake” Genovese is a poor and simple dish from Neapolitan cuisine; the original recipe calls for beef and a lot of onions and simmering them for a long time to create a sweet and smooth sauce. This one replicates the taste and flavor of the original Genovese, but it’s 100% vegan. It contains white onions and curly kale, known in Italy as “Torzella Riccia”, a SlowFood presidium.


Indispensabile, Eccellenze Nolane


280 gr.


Nola, Campania


Cook Italian dishes and being vegan at the same time isn’t easy, we know. This plant-based Genovese sauce might be the perfect solution: heat it in a pan with a spoon of hot water, boil the pasta, drain it while still al dente, and throw it in the pan to finish the cooking, you just need to add a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil. Or spread it on top of toasted bread!